lithubHow Learning to Draw Can Help a Writer to See
A talented painter suggests movement and feeling with a slicing flick of the brush. So too can a skilled writer conjure a singular image, voice, or setting in one ringing sentence.

Wordmark_BlackHow I Lost God
On growing up in the charged space between faith and faithlessness.

The_Atlantic_magazine_logo.svgHow Politics in Trump’s America Divides Families
A progressive family in suburban Philadelphia refused to take down a “Black Lives Matter” sign when conservative relatives came to visit.


One Hundred Miles From Here
My dad has taught me many things: How to bend my left hand into the shape of a guitar chord; how to whistle with a blade of grass pressed between my thumbs; how to fine-tune a sentence until it sings.

Screen+Shot+2018-09-23+at+12.33.25+PMTell Me About My Boy
Here’s an empty grave, where a body that had been a boy became bones beneath a wooden cross.

423863_365045570182674_726827746_nMy Grandmother’s Pie Plate
I’m the one filling it now, and I’ve never minded sugar under my fingernails less. Its surface is dark with shine; it’s been swallowing butter and heat for two lifetimes at least. I watch the pie bake: tiny globes of strawberry like rubies spit up from the earth.

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