The_Atlantic_magazine_logo.svgCivil Discourse Exists in This Small Corner of the Internet
The subreddit Change My View is built on the proposition that we’ve at least got to listen to people we disagree with.

The_Atlantic_magazine_logo.svgHow Politics in Trump’s America Divides Families
A progressive family in suburban Philadelphia refused to take down a “Black Lives Matter” sign when conservative relatives came to visit.


One Hundred Miles From Here
My dad has taught me many things: How to bend my left hand into the shape of a guitar chord; how to whistle with a blade of grass pressed between my thumbs; how to fine-tune a sentence until it sings.

Screen+Shot+2018-09-23+at+12.33.25+PMTell Me About My Boy
Here’s an empty grave, where a body that had been a boy became bones beneath a wooden cross.

423863_365045570182674_726827746_nMy Grandmother’s Pie Plate
I’m the one filling it now, and I’ve never minded sugar under my fingernails less. Its surface is dark with shine; it’s been swallowing butter and heat for two lifetimes at least. I watch the pie bake: tiny globes of strawberry like rubies spit up from the earth.

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